Our dynamic Christian team

Illawarra Christian Education seeks applications from professionals who are highly motivated, passionate about our work and strongly focused on contributing to our success.
Our Schools

Illawarra Christian Education operates:

  • Calderwood Christian School and Prep
  • Illawarra Christian School and Prep

Various bodies and roles exist within our governance structure.

The Principal

The Principal

The Principal is an employee of Illawarra Christian Education and is appointed by the Board. The Principal is an educational authority and as such is an advisor to the Board.

The Principal is responsible for the implementation of the School’s Strategic Plan, as well as for the employment of all School staff and oversight of all operational issues of the School.

The Association

Illawarra Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Education

The Association is an incorporated body and bound by relevant State and federal laws, and is also bound by any internal rules it imposes upon itself. The Constitution, particularly the Educational Creed, provides the framework for the operation of the Association and its members.

For further information about the Association, click the link below.

The Board

Illawarra Christian Education Board

The Board is responsible for the financial and overall governance of the schools and the overall management of the Association. Any full member of the Association is eligible for election to the Board. Board members are elected to a three-year term.

Board members

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