From humble beginnings

1954 - A Christian School Association was formed in Wollongong by members of the Dutch Reformed Church and a Christian School Fund was established.

1954 - A Christian School Association was formed in Wollongong by members of the Dutch Reformed Church and a Christian School Fund was established. The Association was based primarily on the idea that the education of children is a parental responsibility and not the responsibility of the State. The members viewed the Christian school as an extension of the home, where parents and teachers worked in partnership in teaching, training and equipping children to become God’s people in the world.

1979 - A group of interested community members in the northern suburbs of Wollongong formed the Illawarra Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Education (IACPCE) to work towards the opening of a school in the area.

1982 - The Illawarra Christian School opened in the hall of the Woonona Presbyterian Church, with one teacher and 10 children. Within two years the school had increased to 39 students, and additional demountable buildings were purchased. Parents and friends generously supported the school by donating funds, equipment and materials and with practical help in the classrooms.

1987 – Illawarra Christian School moved from Woonona to Cordeaux Heights and the first Year 7 class commenced. The school had grown to 184 students and eight teachers.

1988 - Geoff Hewitt was appointed Principal. Student numbers had increased to 263 with a single stream of classes Kindergarten to Year 8.

1989 - Tongarra Christian School commenced at All Saints Anglican Church, Albion Park.

1992 - The first Year 12 students graduated from Illawarra Christian School. The school was a Kindergarten to Year 12 school serving over 300 children.

1994 - Tongarra Christian School amalgamated with Illawarra Christian School to form one School (Illawarra Christian School) with two campuses – Cordeaux and Tongarra.

1995 - The first Year 7 students for Tongarra commenced at Cordeaux campus.

1996 - Tongarra students moved from Albion Park and Cordeaux campus to the Woolshed site at Albion Park.

2000 - The first Year 12 Tongarra students graduated.

2008 - Illawarra Christian School commenced its first Prep classes at both Cordeaux and Tongarra. Mr Greg Batten was appointed Principal at Tongarra, and Mr Simon Lainson was appointed Principal at Cordeaux.

2012 - Illawarra Christian School celebrated 30 years of providing Christian education in the Illawarra through various community activities including a large celebration at WIN Entertainment Centre.

2015 - Mr Tony Horsley was appointed Executive Principal for both campuses by the Board. Following the retirement of Mr Greg Batten, in 2015 Dr Kate Bertram was appointed Principal of Tongarra Campus, a position which she held until the end of 2017.

2016 - The Illawarra Christian School strategic plan was developed, allowing for differentiation in future planning for each campus. The development of master plans for each campus led each campus to develop individual directions and goals.

2017 - The Illawarra Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Education was rebranded as Illawarra Christian Education. Each campus was registered with NESA as an individual school:

Illawarra Christian School (formerly Illawarra Christian School, Cordeaux Campus) and Calderwood Christian School (formerly Illawarra Christian School, Tongarra Campus).

2020- Mr Darren Hutton was appointed Principal of Calderwood Christian School, following the retirement of Mr Tony Horsley at the end of 2019.

2022- Illawarra Christian School celebrated its 40 year anniversary.

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